About — Firmino Changani

As you may know at this time my name is Firmino Changani, I am Software Developer, currently working as a Full Stack Developer for LoopLab Web, a small company that I own in Luanda, Angola, where I am based at this time.

2014, KiandaHUB

I started my career with 17 years old when I joined KiandaHUB in 2014 to work as a Web Developer. At KiandaHUB I worked with technologies like WordPress, Nodejs, MongoDB, Angular 1.x for internal projects like http://kiandahub.com/bootcamp, http://ontime.co.ao. We used an agile / scrum methodology to help us manage and keep track of all the tasks.

2016, LoopLab

In September of 2016 I started my own company called LoopLab Web. At LoopLab my main goal is to help small businesses increase their presence in the web with a website or e-commerce. I had a team with 4 members but right I working solo, so I interact with my clients, understand their requirements and then I provide the best solution for them, mostly web projects. You can check my latest projects here.

At LoopLab I do Web Development with WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Vuejs, Jquery and Web Application development with Nodejs, Express.js, MySQL, MongoDB. I use Linux to deploy apps or websites with GIT/SSH or FTP.

Academic Background

I have a Bachelor Degree or a diploma in Computer Engineering field from Gregório Semedo University in Luanda, Angola.

Experiments and Personal Projects

I try always to keep up with the newest technologies and when I find time I like to build experiments and write about my experience while building. I have all of my personal projects on my Github.

Personal projects allow me to learn while working for something really interesting like this project that I built recently, that uses Github API to show all programmers from Angola on Github based on their location: Angolans On GitHub. I built it while I was learning Vuejs.